Warning Signs

Stains on Your Ceiling

Stains in your ceiling are warning signs usually caused by water, this can be caused by a leak somewhere on your roof, broken hot water heater or water line, back up in the gutters or cracks around vent pipes or chimneys. This is a sign that you need an inspection ASAP to determine the cause. Roof leaks will eventually cause mold, mildew and rotting of the decking/rafters, which will lead to more costly repairs.

Blistering and Curling Shingles

When the edges of the shingle start to curl up, or blister in the middle are both warning signs of pending problems.  This action is usually caused from age due to weather and sun. This is a sign your roof is past it useful stage and needs to be replaced.  We will inspect your roof and give you a quote on just what work is required.

Shingles or Roofing Material on the Ground or in Your Gutters

If you notice this you have damage to your roof and need closer investigation of the cause. This could be due to storm damage such as wind, hail or ice, or could be as a result of animals or improper installation of your roof. For any of these reasons you need to have the damages repaired to prevent water leaks that can result into much bigger problems later.

Abnormally High Gas or Electric Bills

If your attic is not properly vented there will be an excessive amount of heat build up inside which can decrease the life of your shingles and cause an increase in your utility bills. When we put on new roofs we provide all new roof vents and add extra ventilation if needed.

Hail Damage

This will be visible by round divits in your roofing material. This if extensive enough will decrease the life of your roof and increase the chance of leaks in the future.

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