Gutters & Downspouts


Gutters and Downspouts Serve to Protect Your Home

Gutters and downspouts are the rain water direction system that is designed to protect your most valuable possession, your house from flooding and water damage.  For smart homeowners who want to avoid problems in these areas, Newtco Roofing will also do a complete inspection of the entire rain water handling system and provide you with a report as to whether replacement, repair or added installation is required.  It is a good idea to have any old or damaged rain water system items and rotten wood inspected and replaced when we replace your old roof. Not only are they a smart choice to protect against flooding, they improve the overall appearance of your home!  The rain water system can be provided in many colors that will either match or complement your house and new roof colors.


Have You Noticed any of the following Gutter and Downspout Issues?

Problems that may be caused by old, rotten, missing gutters and downspouts:  leaks from the gutters or downspouts, rain spilling over the top, rain spots on these items, rotting soffits or fascia behind the gutters.  If this rain water handling system isn’t doing its job, rain water can slowly damage the house itself leading to costly repairs in the future. Water that lands at the base of your house can even cause staining, interior flooding or foundation damage.


Newtco Roofing Knows Exactly What You Need

You can choose from a complete line of gutters, downspouts, and covers for homes in Memphis and surrounding area. Our team of professionals can help you pick out the gutter that is right for you and your home – from the correct size required to carry the volume of water to the color that will help accent your beautiful home. Let our team of experts help you!


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