Memphis Roof Repair Essentials for Residents & Businesses

With a population of around 1.3 million, the Greater Memphis metropolitan area needs reputed roofing contractors so that both residential and commercial roofs get the quality care they deserve. Tapping such expertise would ensure that valuable items and interior components are shielded from the elements.

Essentials of Roof Repair


There are different types of roof styles in use. Flat roof, gable roof, and hip roof are some of these.

Commercial buildings are usually constructed with flat roofs. Since they have no pitch, they are the easiest roofs to build. Usually, rubber roofing systems are used for flat roofs. On the other hand, for residential buildings, a hip roof is one of the most common styles. Because this type of roof has a complicated structure, it is more difficult to construct.

There are various choices of materials in roofing systems, and the material chosen would depend on the roof style as certain materials are more suitable for particular styles.

The most common roofing material used in the United States for residential roofing is asphalt shingles, which are ideal for steep slope roofs. Other popular choices for roofing material are shake shingles, slate shingles, metal, and rubber.

If most of the shingles on your roof are badly damaged, then you should replace your roof by hiring a reputed Memphis roofing contractor.

Roof Repair

Keeping a roof in optimum condition is the most important task for a homeowner because it shelters their family and belongings.

Any damage to the roof must be immediately repaired to prevent water from seeping under the shingles and causing more damage to the wood sheathing. If the roof is not maintained properly, then a new roof will be needed prematurely, which would entail unnecessary expenses for the homeowner.

To receive quality work for your roof repair in Memphis, hiring a reliable roofing contractor would be the best option. Specialist firms that serve the Greater Memphis area, such as Newtco Roofing are committed to providing the very best roofing products and most trusted service in the industry.

Maintaining your roof is the most important part of ensuring that your home stays safe and comfortable. Find out what a top roofing contractor can do for your roof.


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