Attic Isulation

attic insulation

Signs that your Attic Insulation needs attention.

Attic insulation is the major barrier between your home’s living areas and the hot and cold temperature changes of the weather. If you have rooms, hallways or areas in your home that seem cooler in the winter, or hotter in the summer, you need to have your insulation inspected.  If the A/C or heating units seem to run for long periods of time, or you have seen an increase in energy bills, this is another sign of possible issues with your insulation.  If the insulation has become packed down, is missing or contaminated with animal feces or leaking roofs, it need attention.


The Attic Insulation Specialist


Attic insulation Newtco, LLC, Memphis TN takes care of everything from removing the contaminated insulation, decontamination of animal feces, re-installation, and cleanup. We can asses your current level of insulation and recommend a course of action to improve your home’s efficiency.  This can include removing old and contaminated insulation replacing it with a more efficient product to or just increasing your current thickness of insulation. 

Topping off your insulation or removing the old and adding new, more energy efficient insulation can be the answer. This choice can make a big difference in cost savings to your utility bill and tax credits.  Adding attic insulation upgrades can really lower your costs because your heating and cooling units don’t have to run as long to get your home to the desired temperature.  The increased attic insulation also deceases the heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outside weather, this reducing the running times for your heating and cooling equipment.  Insulation itself can also help seal holes reducing air leaks and increasing efficiency. We are the one stop shop for all of your home insulation inspection and improvement needs!


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