Animal Damage

Aminal damage
Animal damage
Animal damage

Animal Damage and What to Look For

Animal Damage can be one of the most destructive of all types of damage.  Many times they will chew through the fascia, or around vents or other small crack to gain entrance to your attic.  Once inside, they make themselves at home, having family’s, chewing on your wiring and insulation.  If you see areas around the exterior of the house where animals have chewed their way in, or you hear scratching in the walls or night time activity in the attic, contact our associate A-1 Wildlife Service.

We have worked with them in the past and they are highly recommend for their quality of work and customer satisfaction.They hold many certificates in animal damage and require their technicians to complete additional hours of training each year to keep them abreast of the changing environment. A-1 is a leader in animal exclusion and offer a one-year guarantee with their service.

Animal problems will not go away on their own. 70% of all unknown house fires are attributed to rodents chewing on electric wires. Don’t let this happen to you!  If you have heard or seen any of these sign, let us know and we can contact A-1 Wildlife Service for you.


Animal Damage Prevention

The best way to prevent future damage is to have the roof line sealed at the time of the new rood installation.  Although this can be completed on a current roof, with the shingles removed it is much easier to install the animal exclusion product at the same time as the new roof is installed, therefore less expensive.  Your Newtco Roofing consultant can explain all the options and advantages of this system.  Unfortunately, a new roof, without the animal exclusion product is no guarantee that animals will not attack your home.


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